We are a leading distributor of hair and beard dye and male cosmetic products to barbershops in the UK. Our products offer a revolutionary advantage over competing products. Some of the features that make our hair and beard dye stand out are:

  • Simple shampoo like application
  • The application can take as little as 5 minutes to prepare, apply and rinse with great results (time depends on colour)
  • You can dye both beard and hair 
  • There's no need for separate bottles as the sachets contain both activator and developer 
  • Each sachet provides complete coverage for an average male hair 
  • No waste 
  • High numbers of satisfied and returning customers 
  • Incorporates natural ingredients in the product

We can offer salons a free test pack to see if the product is suitable for their business. 

To get in touch, send us a message at connect@londonhairarchitects.co.uk or call our Senior Commercial Manager, Laura Kent, on 020 8159 1580