We offer a no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee from when you place an order. You may return an item for any reason, for example, if you are unhappy, changed your mind or bought it by accident.

To start a return, contact us using the help button on the bottom right of this page, stating your name, email you purchased from, order number and reason for return.

You may request from us a refund, exchange or gift card for the item you are returning.

Product Returns

You will be required to send the item back to us for us to provide you with a refund, exchange or gift card. Some returns will not require you to post the product back to us; this depends on the product, reason for return, condition etc. 

Return Condition

If you were not satisfied with the purchase, or there was a fault with the product, we require the remaining contents to the returned to us. The majority of the product contents must be present for us to accept the return.

If you have purchased the product by accident or changed your mind, we ask the product is sent back unused, and undamaged so that we can resell it.

Returning the product

Once you make a return request, we will send you the return instructions by email. If your order qualifies for free returns, our staff will send you a free returns label.

We usually use Royal Mail 2nd class for free returns on most items. Royal Mail 2nd class labels are valid seven days from issue. Please return items before the expiration date and retain the postage stamp or receipt as there may be no tracking number. We use Evri, InPost, and Yodel (or equivalent courier) for other product returns (depending on size, dimensions, value etc.)

We issue our return labels in the format and weight we sent your order. Please ensure you send the item back in the correct format, for example, large letter, small parcel etc.

Refund Processing Times

We issue refunds within five working days from receiving an item to the original payment method. Refund processing times are usually quick but may take up to 10 working days.

Postage charges and duties

Postage charges and duty payments are non-refundable.

International Returns

Free returns or postage reimbursement for items sent back to us from outside of the UK is not available. You will be responsible for all shipping costs to send the item back. 

Shipping Delays

Significant shipping delays are rare but do happen, particularly during holiday seasons. Check our shipping policy for information about delays. We receive most undelivered products back. If we receive your product, we will contact you to send it out again or provide a refund. 

Lost Items

If an item is lost during post, we will need to open a lost item claim with Royal Mail. We are able to open a claim 10 working days after the estimated arrival date for customers in the UK and 25 working days for customers outside the UK. We are unable to provide refunds or exchanges until a lost item claim has been made to reduce the risk of fraud. For more information, please see Royal Mail's retail compensation policy for loss

Gift Card, store credits and points

Store credits, Gift cards and customer points cannot be refunded or exchanged for money.

Items sent back in the wrong format

If we provide a returns label, please ensure you check the item format on the label and item weight before sending the item back. For example if the label is large letter, please ensure you send the item back in a large letter format.

Items that are underpaid or not sent in the correct format will not be claimed. Royal Mail will return unclaimed items back to you after 18 calendar days and you will be responsible to sending the item back to us in the correct format for us to provide you with a refund.

Chargeback and PayPal Claims

We offer a hassle-free returns process. If you have a product issue, we can help resolve them quickly. Chargebacks and PayPal disputes can take significantly longer to resolve and costs us time and money.

How to contact us for a refund or exchange

You can contact us for a refund or exchange using the help button at the bottom right of this screen or send an email to connect@londonhairarchitects.co.uk